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Series- 379

Changes in Table 4 of GSTR 3B - Reporting of ITC availment, reversal, and Ineligible ITC

Today 20/9/2022 is the due date

1. The taxpayers are advised to report their ITC availment, reversal of ITC, and ineligible ITC correctly as per the new format of Table 4 of GSTR-3B at GST Portal for the GSTR-3B to be filed for the period August 2022 onwards.

2. All non-reclaimable reversal of ITC needs to be reported in table 4(B)(1).

3. All reclaimable ITC reversals may be reported in table 4(B)(2). It should be noted that ITC reversed under 4(B)(2) can be reclaimed in table 4(A)(5) at the appropriate time and the break-up detail of such reclaimed ITC should be provided in 4(D)(1) in the same return.

4. The ITC not-available mentioned in GSTR-2B of the taxpayer has to be reported in 4(D)(2) of table 4.

5. Any ITC availed inadvertently in Table 4(A) in previous tax periods due to clerical mistakes or some

other inadvertent mistakes may be reversed in Table 4(B)2.

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